Established in 2005, our company produces in the field of science laboratory, chemistry laboratory, biology laboratory, university laboratories, laboratory equipment, laboratory materials and school equipment. The aim of our company, which always works with the philosophy of being innovative, is to provide the best service to our customers on time.

Sıla Laboratory and Educational Tools has become one of the leading companies in the laboratory and school equipment sector since its establishment. It offers the constantly developing technology to its customers in a modern and aesthetic way in the fields we operate in the world and in Turkey.

Sıla Laboratory and Training Tools has adopted the principle of customer satisfaction oriented, continuous growth and development, being able to compete on international platforms, and improving product and service quality by creating a dynamic infrastructure. It has made it a mission to produce the products of modern technology in a high quality and fast way, to present them to the customers in a timely and economical way, as well as to be sensitive to the environment and to contribute to the country.

Our company has adopted the vision of becoming a world brand by exceeding the borders of our country with its rising brand value, product quality and leadership in the sector.

Sıla Laboratory and Training Tools has become a leading company in its field with its 100% domestic motto.

"Quality is an expression of respect!..."